Luxurious assortment of nuts from “De Nootzaak GOTJÉ”

€ 2,75

  • 4 x beef sausage
  • 4 x salami
  • 4 x old cheese
  • 4 x young cheese

€ 12,50

  • Van Dobben ‘bitterballs’ (croquettes)
  • Chicken bites
  • Fried spring rolls (veg)
  • Cheese fingers (veg)

€ 12,50

€ 12,50

6 pcs bread with hummus, tzatziki and olive oil

€ 9,25


5 kinds of Dutch cheese with apple syrup, walnuts and fig bread

€ 16,-

4 kinds of foreign sausage / ham with olives and sweet and sour

€ 16,-

  • 2 Dutch herring
  • 1 mackerel
  • 100 grams of smoked salmon
  • 2 glasses of crayfish cocktail

€ 29,50

  • 4 pcs chicken
  • 4 pcs albondigas
  • 4 pcs prawn croquettes
  • 8 psc squid
  • 4 psc peppadew
  • 4 pcs bread with aioli

€ 31,50

Various of cheeses and sausages with olives, artichoke, melon and bread with dip

€ 34,-

  • Boiled mussels
  • 2 scallops
  • 2 king prawns
  • Shellfish cocktail
  • Smoked salmon with croutons, sweet and sour and various sauces

€ 35,-

Fine de Claire de Bretagne with lemon and red wine vinegar

€ 49,50

  • Carpaccio Vitello Tonato
  • Panforte / brie de meaux,
  • Crostini roast beef truffle
  • Crostini serrano / classic,
  • Tortillaroll pastrami de luxe
  • Crust pastry tray – crab salad
  • Crust pastry tray – salmon salad with pickles and egg
  • Various mini sandwiches



  • Wraps smoked salmon and dried ham
  • Couscous salad
  • Shrimps marinated in garlic
  • Mini peppers filled with goat cheese
  • Manchego cheese marinated
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Fuet & Chorizo
  • Olives in garlic/herb blend
  • Catalan flan

€ 27,50


Salmon and caviar
Salmon cured in vodka with herring caviar cream cheese blinis and cucumber

Rillette de canard
Duck confit with sweet and sour, Port and grape compote and sourdough toast

Vegetarian tapas
Grilled vegetables, sheep cheese, peppadew, smoked tomato, marinated mushrooms with romesco sauce and grilled olive bread

Main courses:

Cacciucco alla Livornese
Tuscan fish stew with gnocchi, king prawns, squid, cod and redfish with garlic bruschetta

Poulet Lyonnaise
Marinated and roasted chicken thighs with small potatoes, mushrooms, green Flageolets, carrots and French mustard sauce

Steak au poivre
Aberdeen Black Angus steak with haricots verts & prosciutto, pommes dauphinoise and green pepper sauce

Vegetarian ramen
Japanese ramen noodles with organic egg, shiitake, mini pak choi, tofu and vegetable bouillion


Apple cinnamon muffin
with salted caramel & white chocolate panna cotta with forest fruits

Selection of Dutch cheeses
with fig bread, walnuts, grapes and apple syrup

€ 49,50

Cocktail of crayfish and Dutch shrimps
with lettuce and cocktail sauce

Beef carpaccio
with capers, truffle dressing and Parmesan cheese

Richly filled risotto
with salmon, cod and shellfish Season stew with veal meatballs and gravy

Dessert surprise
3 types of Dutch cheese with fig bread

€ 49,50

Couscous tabouleh
with feta, coriander salsa and green olives

with Boccocini mozzarella, mini vine tomato, artichoke and melon

Green herb risotto
with falafel and tahini sauce Season stew with various vegetables and olive oil

Surprise dessert (fruit salad if vegan)
3 types of Dutch cheese with fig bread, walnuts and apple syrup

€ 49,50